S.B. Tank Cleaning Agency guarantees keeping your health secured from Water born diseases.We have expertise for cleansing the overhead tank & sumps.

Our Tank Cleaning Services.

  • Underground Tank Cleaning
  • P.V.C. Tank Cleaning
  • R.C.C. Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Overhead Tank Cleaning
  • Fish Tank Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Tank Cleaning

Our Pluming Services.

  • Sanitary Work
  • G.I. Pipeline
  • U.P.V.C Pipeline
  • P.P.R. Pipeline

Waterproofing Services.

  • Terres Waterproofing
  • Toilet waterproofing
  • Bathroom waterproofing
  • Wall waterproofing

We provide Water Tank Service, Cleaning & Maintenance for -

  • Residential Apartment buildings
  • Schools, Colleges & Hospitals
  • Residential Care Facilities & Nursing Homes
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
  • Public & Private Swimming Pools and Gyms
  • Shopping Centers, Sport facilities and Golf Courses
  • Offices & Industrial Premises
  • Agricultural & Horticultural Sectors.

Cleaning of water tanks by mechanised cleaning/scientific method by using high pressure jet to remove the algae dirt etc from walls, floor and celling of the tank and thereafter removal of accumulated sludge,dirty water from tank by using vacuum pump, spraying disinfecting agent for disinfection

on the tank floor, walls, floor and celling and removal all excess accumulated deposited solution from tank by vacuum pump and thereafter final treatment of tank walls, floor and celling with radiation through ultra violet rays for suitable duration as per the capacity of tank, at all levels and lead etc complete as per direction of Engineer in charge.

(the rate of this item includes the cost of all operations as stated above including the material and tools, equipment required for the work).

  • Minimal water wastage during tank cleaning
  • Statutory standards to deliver bacteria free, odor free, fungus free and virus free clear tanks
  • No chemicals are used
  • Prompt & High standard of service