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Tank Cleaning

Removal of all traces of any impurities from the tanks normally by means of high pressure water jets

Well Cleaning

Cleaning of underground water streams and deweeding of wall of well and its chemical treatment

Pest Control

Eleminating insects and other unwanted organism like cockroaches, termites, lizards, etc...

Welcome to S.B. Tank Cleaning Agency

We at S.B. Tank Cleaning Agency incorporate the latest cleaning system and use the most effective anti-bactrial agents which have been specific for demostic and industrinal purpose, which eliiminate literally all the types of disease causing bacteria that may have a chance of entrering our glass of water that we drink every day.

Work Orders
Health secured

We guarantees keeping your health secured from water born diseases...

Plumbing Services

We also provide you services as 'Plumbing & Water Proofing Servies'..